branding, packaging

After a meticulous work for almost two years, the multi-awarded Pastry Chef Ana Consulea opened her new sweet spot in town, on the ground floor of Goethe Institut (Bucharest). Working previously for her tiny Zelato project in 2019, this was like the natural follow-up, taking the branding to the next level. In the same synergic trio with Laura Paraschiv, the interior architect, we made the brand speak visually very bold, each of us doing her score. My feeling when taking the photos was that all pieces fit together beautifully. 
Laura brought in the idea of high contrast stripes, to liven up the minimalist space and we ended up painting a full 12m wall. The geometry, colours and stripes are repeated in smaller proportions on the counter, the packaging and the toilet signs. Proportion was the key.
No pink, no mint green, no polka dots, but something different. Dream job.

Typeface: Isidora from Latinotype 

Interior design: Laura Paraschiv
Wall colours: IR Colours

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