A project in a flash and a lot of people involved to create this jewel ice cream kiosk out of a forgotten “tin can” in just six weeks. I rarely have the occasion to work for young audience, so I had to dress a seriously good handmade ice cream in a seriously playful branding. The birdy guy (Pasaroi) came out of this spontaneous stirring, first as a secondary character and then as a fulltime job mascot. Ana Consulea, the client, enriched his personality and musical taste. Strategist and copywriter couple Madalina & Radu Rapeanu tailored his character and humour.
Pasaroi is now on every material, from paper cones, cups and stickers to sales uniforms and social media communication.
Together with Ana and architect Laura Paraschiv from Circa 1703-3071, who “poured” the delicious green over the kiosk, we created a vivid meeting point in the city (social distance respected) that became instantly popular.

Logo set in Isidora Alt from Latinotype
Photography courtesy of Zelato & Marius Sabau

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