Vremuri Blurate
graphic design, art direction, editorial

I worked with Romanian photographer and film maker Dragoș Lumpan on his project about street photography - Blurred Times - started thirty years ago as an experiment, in full freedom boom after the Revolution in ‘89. In the making of the exhibition  he got stuck in the GDPR restrictions and decided to anonymize all the main characters in the photos. So we applied the filter of the new mentality, turning hundreds of subjects into faceless people, trying to keep a few of their identity features and not loose them completely behind pixels and black bars. The exhibition hosted in Bucharest, Timișoara and Piscu(Ro), was accompanied by a 100 pages catalogue split in two parts, Then and Now, making a point about the blurred line between the right for privacy and artistic expression. A subject of continous debate, although legally, street photography is considered artistic. 

Typefaces: Archivo, Etrusco Now
Print: Masterprint

Original photography: Dragoș Lumpan

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