Universal Valabil Perfumes
illustration, graphic design
2021 - 2022

We all have our little secret superstitions like the lucky t-shirt or like pulling the right sock first. Making a cross with your tongue on the palate anyone?
My artistic perfume creator client adores to take on prejudices, clichés and conventions. On the other hand, she creates scents with their roots deeply into local culture and history. Conventions and culture come hand in hand anyway.
This range of perfumes tackle the ubiquitous “God help”,  “God saves” and “As good as God’s bread” in a subversive way while delivering some divine (pun, yes) scents of frankincense, tomato stem and freshly baked bread.
She is also very good with copywriting. And I had a lot of fun drawing devils. 

Copywriting C5dE

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