Dracula - Wallachian Perfumes 
packaging, graphic design
2019 - 2022

How I feel now about this project is like it started as a marble block and it was carefully carved into a detailed polished sculpture. It spread over three years and together with Alex, the perfumes creator, we tried lots of ideas until we distilled them into a really beautiful object to contain the precious liquid. I love her perseverence.
Ancient beliefs, charms, mysteries, superstitions and legends about Dracula, all are revealed gradually, like a ritual. The box with detailed symbolic illustration on the cover opens like a book or a jewelry case, with a specific spell inside for each perfume. The bottle lies on a red velvet bed and only when taken out, one can see the gold metal label on the bottom with the name engraved on it. A contemporary times ritual.
Because everything related to Wallachia and Count Dracula comes in a pack with a predictable medieval and antique look, we choose bold typography on the spines, asymmetries and a palette limited to red, black and gold on a clean white background.

Photography courtesy of C5dE
Illustrations: Alex Konahin

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