Burger Mission

In a city like Bucharest where everybody takes one side or another to the extreme, where different opinions, different education, different religion, different social status, different taste set us apart, Burger Mission comes with the idea that the differences between us don’t overwrite the things that we have in common. Like hunger. We are equal when we are hungry. Sharing the meals makes the differences dissapear and connects people.
Burger Mission branding was built on those insights, making the humble “equal” sign the core of design and communication.
To make it more fun, we used the brown bag as a sticker “battlefield”. We added weird, but also real local opinions stickers like “We are manipulated by the Global Occult” tamed by the branded stickers about bringing people together.
All burgers come with a quality card that certify the strict hygiene rules in the kitchen and the promise of a warm meal delivered on time.

Strategy, naming and copywriting Radu Rapeanu 

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